About Me

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Hi, my name is Serdar Yağcı. When I am not traveling or taking photos, I am trying to be a software engineer in my remaining time.

I am actually older than how I look in my picture. It was three years before Google was founded when I began my engineering life. When I took my first photo, Commodore 64 was not even on the market.

Ever since I could remember, I like doing innovative projects. I get excited by the fact that technology can be used to make a person’s life easier.

It has always been a burden for me to find keywords for photos. I was thinking that if I found a way to smooth out the keyword finding process, there would be more time for me to take photos. Then suddenly I realized that artificial intelligence services were becoming widespread and this could be a solution for me. So the main reason why I set out to make this application was to get rid of my own problem.

I am delighted to be sharing with you this project which I took great pleasure in doing.