Artificial Intelligence Photography Studio

Intelligent robots may soon be among the world’s best fashion photographers. Dutch company StyleShoots introduced the smart studio system called StyleShoots Live. ‘Smart Studio’ can take photos and shoot videos at the same time while adjusting the technical aspects like lighting and background. The system is capable of editing videos in minutes with the help of an algorithm.

This product actually presents a detailed solution to a problem only a few of us are aware of. StyleShoots Product and Marketing Manager Anders Jorgensen says in his interview to Digital Trends: “We have identified some of the key problems of the brands wanting to do photo and video shoots of the models. Brands using different studios for stills and videos mean that twice the equipment, twice the space and twice the people will be needed. Besides, the models have a hard time changing studios between shoots. After the shoot, a group of people will have to go through and edit the images to produce high quality, clean clips.”

StyleShoots Live consists of a Canon DX Mk I camera and a camera head together with a computer engine that controls the lighting and all the other equipment. The stylist has the opportunity of using an interface to configure details like video styles and lighting settings. Jorgensen says: “All of these variables have infinite options and possibilities.”

StyleShoots Live is the latest example of AI’s capability of being applied to everything. However, the people working in creative professions do not need to worry yet. Jorgensen says: “In order to organize a fashion shoot, you need a creative eye to plan the shoot, pose the model and choose the clothing styles. A robot cannot do that – at least for now. So, we can say that our product does not replace the photographer. We are offering this product to people with a creative eye so that they can use their vision quickly and easily.

On the other hand, the set crew may lose their jobs as a result of this product. Jorgensen describes StyleShoots Live as “A cameraman, a crane operator and a video editor combined into one single machine.”

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