Photographs Will Take Up 75% Less Space Thanks To Artificial Intelligence

Google introduced a technology that decreases the bandwidth needed to show high quality photos and videos by 75%.

This new technology is called RAISR and it was first introduced in November. The name of this technique comes from Rapid and Accurate Image Super-Resolution and it uses machine learning to convert low quality images into high quality ones. It separates itself from the other super resolution methods on the market by being 10 to 100 times faster than them and thus being able to run in real time on mobile devices.

Google has been using this technology in various different services and now it is going to be used in the more common social service Google+. This technology enables 75% less bandwidth to be used in showing images on mobile and other types of devices. When Google+ users want to see an image, Google+ sends a request for one quarter of the pixels instead of the full version of the image. RAISR technology enables the same quality of an image to be produced by using less pixels.

This achievement of Google on images may be revolutionary for mobile bandwidth usage. Besides, the company partly gives an answer to Facebook that introduced its first mobile deep learning platform a while ago.

A little while before, Google announced that they succeeded in raising the energy use efficiency by 15% with deep learning company DeepMind. With savings like these, AI will help Google keep billions of dollars in the long run.

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