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Artificial Intelligence Will Recognize Fonts

Adobe, creator of Photoshop, is preparing to release an add-on that will help the users

Adobe officials said that their AI called DeepFont will work like the song identification app Shazam.

The main function of DeepFont AI will be to detect and identify the fonts in the designs users come across in daily life.

Adobe announced that unlike any other font recognition systems currently put into the service of the users, DeepFont will have the ability to learn.

Users curious about the fonts they see, will upload the photos they take to DeepFont and the AI will check the style in the photo againts the 20.000 fonts in the database to come up with 5 results.

Chief of Data Processing in Adobe Anil Kamath says: “To use this application, all you have to do is to take a photo with your phone.”

Age Of Artificial Intelligence In Photo Editing

We are now in the time of AI in which the electronic devices have abilities like speech recognition, making a comment, bringing the closest results for your requests and analyzing them. Adobe is on a mission to make their products and software more useful with the help of AI. They are working on a kind of artificial intelligence that will turn Photoshop, which is already a successful photo editing software, into a program that can understand voice commands. Although this AI is currently in early stages of development, it is capable of executing standard functions on photographs. It can be quite useful when you want to edit a picture before sharing it on social media.

Adobe announced this project with a video. The program seen on the video has a microphone icon. This button activates the digital assistant and enables the user to cut, resize or share the project.

This video proves that something like this can be done. It is only a crazy concept project for now. Nevertheless, it is enough to get people excited.