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Artificial Intelligence Starts To Create Photographs

A new AI system which was introduced by the scientists, surprised everyone with photographs created from scratch that are indistinguishable from their originals. This new system does not require any details other than the features defined by the user in writing.

For example, when you make a request like “a blonde woman wearing a dress with red and blue stripes walks down the 5th Avenue in Manhattan”, the AI creates this photograph for you. This ability of the AI is a result of analyzing trillions of photographs on the internet.

The system first searches through the samples it has seen before according to what is written in the description and then combines them into a composition in the most suitable way. This way, the AI creates a scene which does not actually exist pixel by pixel and presents it to us like it is a real photo.

This new AI system is created as a result of the joint study of Rutgers University, North Carolina University, Lehigh University and Hong Kong University may be the cause of big changes in media, publishing and social media.