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Watch The First Movie Written Completely By Artificial Intelligence

Creativity is a quite critical threshold for artificial intelligence. Machines make constant progress each day by learning how to paint or compose music and now they turned their eyes to movies. First attempt was done with a short movie called Sunspring and it is known to be the first movie written by AI.

The movie was released through Ars Technica and has Thomas Middleditch of TV series Silicon Valley starring. If you have never heard the sayings of an AI bot before, it is better if you get used to them before watching the movie. Because the dialogues in the movie may be hard to follow for beginners.

Sunspring is categorized as a science fiction movie and this is befitting when you consider the dialogues, costumes and scenery. However, the main reason is that the software which wrote the script is trained with the science fiction movies of 80s and 90s. Ross Godwin, who is a researcher on Artificial Intelligence in New York University, is the developer of this software called Benjamin. Together with the director of the movie Oscar Sharp, these two have been working on the idea of machines that can write screenplays. So, they have developed a neural network called Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM) as a solution to this problem.

However, it is noted that turning a screenplay into a movie is not an easy task. Sharp states that Benjamin’s script has odd and incomprehensible sentences like the one where it says the character is standing up on the stars and sitting on the floor at the same time. He also adds that the movie team first laughed at the screenplay and had to reinterpret it. The actors also have key roles in translating the script as they are the ones who will act it out to the audience. It is possible to think that years from now, the machines will be making movies among themselves for each other and these movies will only be understandable by these machines.