8 Photo Apps Using AI To Give Your Photos an Artistic Look


Painnt (free from the iTunes Store) is not only about selecting pre-set styles for your photo, but also adjusting them to get a completely unique look. More than 100 styles in seven categories are available for desktop Macs and mobile devices (all effects are filtered on the local device). Select the aspect ratio (up to 16: 9) and extract the final picture in small, medium, large and original resolutions. Option settings like Transparency, Brightness, Contrast, Tint and Saturation allow you to experiment dynamically when combined with color composition options and settings such as Grain Consolidation and Soft Light. Detail shifters allow you to increase clarity and smoothness. You can view previous and next views of your images side by side, split view, or import.


From Prisma (free from the iTunes Store), Van Gogh, Picasso, Lichtenstein, Mondrian, Kandinsky and more, your photos are moving to a new place as a popular iPhone mobile app that allows you to present engaging artistic styles, and these are often new, Original entries.


Styler (free on Mac App Store), which works with both still image and video, is an easy-to-use Mac desktop application that lets you drag your artwork to the main window of the whole action. You can choose from 13 different styles like Candy, Hundertwasser and Seurat, or you can combine all the styles together.


Pikazo (free from the iTunes Store) uses a technology that mimics the human visual cortex to create a new image based on your original photo and a style you choose. Unlike some other apps in this genre, Pikazo allows you to select the subject and style instead of selecting from the available styles. Start with Pikazo’s built-in styles, buy additional style packs, or choose an original style from your own photo rolls photos. With these two items, the algorithm of the application then creates an original picture.


This AI photo filter editor for IPhone (free from the iTunes Store) gives you a choice: unlimited low-resolution images of your favorite painters – Van Gogh, Monet, Picasso, Warhol, Munch, Renoir or Dali – free, It is the Pro level that matches eight bones. Both levels quickly and easily picture your photos.


With Lucid (free from the iTunes Store), Dali, Van Gogh, Picasso, Kandinsky, Lautrec, and others, you can instantly see how a view of the camera roll will look like if it is painted by one of its masters. The app supports a variety of generic styles such as Street Arts, Geometric Art and Stained Glass. The appropriate part is that you will see all the low-resolution views of the 20 main styles without having to navigate them, so you’ll have a faster way of picking your favorite style. The app also implies which filters may look best with specific photos. Once you’ve selected your favorite item, you can share it via social networks or save it in a drop-down box or email it to yourself.


Artisto (free from the iTunes Store) is one of the few AI apps on the list of hits that include both phone and video. After you start the application, take a photo or video from your Camera Roll or take a new 10 second video, a second ring video or photo and pair it with one of the 20 styles in the app; Van Gogh, Dali, Picasso and other masters. It is enough to take a video and apply a filter. The application will then create a short video of the same stille.


DeepArt uses a proprietary algorithm that blends elements of a visual style to reproduce the content of a different view or video to apply photos or video-style styles with a web-based application.

When you upload a destination image, you choose from a variety of style presets or a second photo to derive style. The app offers just 18 popular styles for you to start working for 500×500 pixels free of charge in an unlimited number. Because viewing video requires frame-by-frame continuity, the application tracks images over time.

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