Black-and-White Photos Are Colorized By Artificial Intelligence

In a nutshell, Deep Learning means the AI’s ability to learn analyzing and identifying data. This turned into an algorithm that colorizes black-and-white photographs in the hands of a startup called Algorithmia.

Deep learning represents computer software’s gaining the ability to learn by imitating the human brain. Seattle based startup Algorithmia currently have 15 different deep learning algorithms put into the service of developers. Among these algorithms are the ones that can recognize faces in a crowd, detect nudity, colorize photographs and sense the stress level of a person by the tone of voice. Algorithmia team plans to offer their products to application development companies that work on this sector and need artificial intelligence software. The company’s web based photo colorization tool is quite interesting.

You can get to their website through this link and copy/paste the URL of the photo you want to colorize. The artificial intelligence then will load the result and show you both versions of the photo together.

After colorizing the black-and-white photos you chose, it is possible that you may not like the results very much. However, the impressive thing here is that the AI learned how to colorize objects, sceneries, people or animals by taking one million different photos as examples. It is impossible to deny the fact that artificial intelligence and deep learning will affect our lives even in the short term.

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