AI Technology Can Create Images That Look Real To Humans

Artificial intelligence is the most innovative and different area of the technology world so it became the leading sector tech giants invest in.

Innovations like Microsoft’s TwinsOrNot website, Facebook’s Moments application and Google’s system that automatically adds descriptions to photographs, show us the direction of AI evolution. Facebook’s latest study is one of these.

Latest study Facebook research team announced was on image recognition and generation. The AI robot that was developed is capable of analyzing various different objects (anything), learning what they look like and creating new photographs accordingly. This is actually based on the same logic human brain perceives objects. Meaning that our brains first analyzes an object to learn what it looks like and then when it sees a similar object, it recognizes that this new object looks like the previous one based on the information gathered. This system creates photographs based on the same method.

In this experiment, Facebook’s AI robot generates 64×64 pixel life-like images. 40% of the test participants believe that these images are real and not created by an artificial intelligence robot.

The AI robot works in two different steps: First, the artificial neural network generates a photograph based on a random vector. Then, the realism in this generated photo is analyzed. In time, it is planned to make this robot capable of creating photographs in larger scales.

It is currently unknown what Facebook will do with this new technology or which of their services will benefit from it. However, the company showed its obvious intentions on implementing AI technology into Facebook services by recently announcing the app named Moments.

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